Join Us – What Is It?

What is the Membership and why be a part of it?

I am a mother and a women who has dealt with hypothyroidism so I understand the difficulty of managing this disease. This disease is hard in so many ways: Hard to deal with, hard to understand, hard to handle alone, and hard to know what to do to simply feel better. With all this said, I am also a Beachbody Coach and certified nutritionist and while this may not mean a lot to many people, it means a great deal to me. I love helping people and I love sharing what I have learned because this knowledge is what led to me getting off of my medication entirely and truly getting my life back.

That is exactly right – I’ve learned to manage my disease nutritionally. I’ve learned to understand what my body is telling me and to make the changes it’s asking for. I’ve learned that food can be the fuel I need or it can destroy my body and break it down. With all of this information, I wanted to find a way to share it. This is why I’m a coach! To help other women begin a healthy life, feel better and live happier – It’s our team’s mission to empower each other and inspire one another to always be better.

So, with all that I’ve learn and with all that our team does we have 2 Membership:

  1. CHALLENGER MEMBERS: Health info for our challenge members. Learn about our overall health with insight that all women should know along with thyroid specific info that helps us understand our precious gland. Tools, recipe books, meal guides, tracking tools oh man so much!
  2. COACH MEMBERS: Did you know you can be a coach too? It only takes a desire to help people and there are some pretty incredible benefits that come with it both financially and personally. My team has kept me going all these years, my challengers keep me inspired and accountable. The friendships and comradery are like nothing you can imagine and truly instill a deep root to keep improving our life! This is the part about coaching that most don’t even realize is there. 

The Triple Threat

Being part of our team is a triple threat!!! It’s educating ourselves about health, it’s nutrition in so many ways, and it’s support like nothing else! The knowledge, our team and Beachbody, makes for a unique and fun challenge.  I provide the education on thyroid health, Shakeology gives us our daily dose of incredible nutrition, a container based nutritional balancing system to ensure the right nutrition daily, fitness to keep us energized along with support to keep us moving forward. This has given me the chance to help hundreds of women in ways they never imagined.

When you choose me as your coach you are choosing to tackle your health head on. You are MAKING that commitment to YOU, YOUR HEALTH, YOUR FAMILY and everyone around you.

I will Never stop educating myself on health and I will Never stop progressing forward on my own journey of staying healthy. This disease and being a coach has given me a purpose and that is to help you do the exact same thing!