Instant Pot Recipes – My Experience


So this gal hears RAVE reviews about how much they love their Instant Pot. Thanks to my amazing hubby who is pretty amazing at finding great deals 🙂 I got one on Black Friday 2017 WOO HOO! I get it and WOW – umm now what do I do lol. These are the instant pot recipes I am doing as I go and learn more about this incredible machine!

I have to admit I felt like I just opened a complicated piece of machinery because I was wowed and definitely felt nervous about using it. I know silly, right?! You will have to tell me if you felt or feel the same if you get one 🙂 BUT it was awesome and I’m in love so I will share the recipes that I try as I go on the Instant Pot Journey!

Instant Pot Recipes - Chicken and Rice

Experience #1: Chicken Rice Soup – from “A Food Centric Life”

This was FANTASTIC!! I could see this being a staple and it was amazing the next day too. For leftovers, I added extra veggies and put it in a small pot to simmer while I did my workout. YEAH BABY!!! I love onions, by my family does not so I left that out – I would recommend adding extra seasoning in this case. I did garlic powder, salt, pepper and parsley. It was seriously so tasty and crazy fast though.

Instant Pot Recipes - Umami Pot RoastExperience #2: Umami Pot Roast – from “Amy and Jack”

I preface this one with the fact that my hubby isn’t the biggest fan of roast. But I can honestly say this is the best one I have ever made. Amazing taste and rich flavor. I highly recommend this recipe. The meat is cooked first in the sauce and then while it rests you will cook the veggies so the meat will actually be separate going into the meal. You could certainly shred it entirely and add it back to the pot. But we chose to leave it out so we could choose the amount of meat we wanted compared to the sauce and veggies. I actually liked this actually. But amazing flavor for sure either way!

Instant Pot Recipes - ApplesauceExperience #3: 3 Minute Homemade Applesauce – from “Recipes to Nourish”

OMG!! We ate it all in 1 night LOL. 12 apples used in this recipe and of course our kiddos had friends over so a lot of mouths enjoyed this dessert. But holy crap was this good! It seriously is apple pie without the crust. Let me just say apples are on the grocery list again because we will be making this very soon – again!! I couldn’t love this recipe more. YES it does only cook under pressure for 3 minutes but there is the prep time, coming up to pressure time and of course natural release time. HEY look at me getting this Instant Pot jargon down lol

Experience #4: Chicken and Rice Burrito Bowls – from The Kitchen

Is it weird that I have yet to be disappointed LOL. This was a delicious meal! The one thing I didn’t like is it doesn’t have enough veggies but the flavor was CRAZY good. My kids even loved it – shocking! They ate theirs with nachos, hubby added sour cream and I of course added avocado. I love meals that can be for everyone but yet can be personalized. Yummo!!


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