Healthy Obsession

When you get obsessed about your health NOTHING can stand in your way!


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80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession

Fill out the form below to jump in and literally change your life. Commit to yourself and your 2018 goals and I will help you and hold your hand the entire way!

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Not all coaches are active or active at the same level. You are definitely allowed to choose your coach. However, out of respect for your current coach, if you currently signed up with a Beachbody Coach please reach out to them to see how they can support you in your health & fitness journey

While there are no guarantees in life, this program gets you pretty darn close. You not only get a 30 day money back guarantee – but You LITERALLY get everything you need to actually get results. Fitness that keeps you active, no workout repeats to prevent a plateau or boredom. Nutrition that balances you, puts your portions in check, times your day, pairs your combinations for you – I mean it would only be easier if you had a personal chef! Superfood nutrition with Shakeology. The healthiest thing you can put in your body! Superfoods from around the world meant to fill your body with an insane dose of nutrition. Help with your thyroid health from me. Learn everything I have over the years, these are the principles that allowed me to go off of medication 3 years ago. Super, accountability, and motivation from an amazing group of women doing this with you!

Who it it for?
Anyone, unless you are pregnant and if you are Congratulations 🙂

How long does it last?
80 Days but you quickly learn in reality it’s not “just” 80 days, it’s a lifetime!

What does it cover?
Fitness, balanced nutrition, Superfoods, Support and I help you with thyroid health

What is the fitness?
30-60 minutes, unique effective moves, total body with an added focus on the central core. No repeat days.

What is the nutrition?
A container system that literally teaches you how to eat. Balanced, timed and paired nutrition to develop the right healthy habits.

What are the Superfoods?
This comes from the healthiest shake on the planet, Shakeology. My daily dose for 3 years now. Real food, nothing fake, no fillers, no gluten, so soy, no preservatives, nothing artificial.

What is the thyroid part of it?
This comes from me! I’m free of medication now due to the right nutrition. Literally food changed my life and I manage my disease by eating correctly. I teach you and share everything I’ve learned.

Is purchase required?
Yes – To obtain the workout service, Shakeology, the nutritionals, and the workout equipment

Cash prizes awarded!
When you submit your results you have a chance at a $500 cash prize and more plus a free T-shirt

Is there a guarantee?
You bet! That is how much we believe in Shakeology and our products!! 30 Day money back guarantee!