Inflammation Fighting 7 Day Reset


Getting Inflammation Under Control and Learning the food that reduces inflammation!

Do you feel constantly bloated and puffy? Ever wondered why you gained a few pounds over night? Do your muscles ache and crackle? Well inflammation is most likely to blame! This is LITERALLY the main culprit of most diseases. The immune system is out of whack and doesn’t know a real threat from something that is perfectly safe. Until you get this under control, this cycle will continue. The diseases are likely to pile on and you won’t find a form of relief. There are several options to heal and I’m going to share one of them with you.

Organic Total Body Reboot kick-starts the user’s metabolism and pushes them onto the right path of reducing inflammation, controlling pain associated with co-morbid illness and rediscovering the lost vigor in their minds and bodies. This is about food that reduces inflammation.

Inflammation Fighting 7 Day Reset

Hypothyroid Free Mama

So what exactly can this do for you?

Can 7 Days really turn things around for you? Yes. Yes it can.

Here’s How The Organic Total Body Reboot Works

  1. There is a day by day diet plan: This is like 1 on 1 training because it teaches you about the food that reduces inflammation and you shouldn’t be eating if you want to battle the inflammation that could be causing you pain and could keep your body from absorbing valuable nutrients.
  2. You will see 3 of Thomas’ secret organic “hacks” to accelerating your fat loss: This is critical because it gives you the tricks that you need to get over those little barriers that can cause so much headache.
  3. A breakdown of your exercise routine: Cut through the nonsense out there on the internet in a straightforward approach to what can really work.
  4. Detailed Vitamin and Supplement guide: This a HUGE value because it’s so tough to know which vitamins are REALLY good for you WITHOUT the usual supplement company propaganda. Much of this is what the supplement companies DON’T want you to know. I’ll show you the what I think are the best ones.
  5. You will have videos that breakdown each and every step: This is great because its like having Thomas right in the room with you, helping you through each step.

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What is Inflammation?

“Inflammation is a process by which the body’s white blood cells and substances they produce protect us from infection with foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. However, in some diseases, like arthritis, the body’s defense system — the immune system — triggers an inflammatory response when there are no foreign invaders to fight off. In these diseases, called autoimmune diseases, the body’s normally protective immune system causes damage to its own tissues. The body responds as if normal tissues are infected or somehow abnormal. ” Source: WebMD

Inflammation can cause, irritate and progress numerous different diseases. This is quite the list and unfortunately not a complete list by any means!

Food that reduces inflammation to help with these Inflammatory Causes.Once the body inflammation slides down a notch, the body starts absorbing nutrients promoting easy loss of unwanted fat and energizes every body part to boost its function and storage for long-lasting healthy body. More information can be found on the official website given below.

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Why Inflammation Should Be Addressed at the Root:

Your immune system clearly drives the inflammatory process and unfortunately traditional medicine offers very little in the way of actual answers when it comes to overcoming this Autoimmune process. Per usual the approach is suppressing the immune response with Immune suppresants or steroids. Sure they will reduce inflammation but it doesn’t stop the underlying problem or allow for damaged tissues to regenerate.

You have to turn off the actual cause of the inflammation.  With meds all you do is postponed the inevitable and mask the actual issue. It’s time to get to the root of the problem and in so many cases it begins in the gut. Not the beer gut, but the digestive gut!The Inflammatory Thyroid Cycle

The Link Between The Gut and Inflammatory Diseases

Most people can’t truly imagine the true depiction of inflammation. The ability to be inflamed is actually necessary for normal repair processes to occur. Whether it be an illness, injury or cold this inflammatory process is normal and necessary. However, It’s when the regulation of inflammation is not controlled that we begin to have a problem with inflammation.

It has been shown that many of the inflammatory diseases we suffer from are gut related, but it doesn’t present itself as gut issues. Dr. Maios Hadjivassiliou, a world authority on gluten sensitivity, has reported in The Lancet (a medical journal), that “gluten sensitivity can be primarily and at times, exclusively a neurological disease.” This means that people can show gluten sensitivity by having problems with brain function yet have no gastrointestinal problems whatsoever.

Dr Hyman, a practicing physician and best selling author of numerous books including: “Eat Fat, Get Thin”  discusses inflammation as it relates to weight gain. He states, “If you don’t address inflammation by eliminating hidden food allergens or sensitivities and by eating an anti-inflammatory diet, you will never succeed at effective and permanent weight loss. Hidden sensitivities and allergies to food you eat every day are making you sick and fat.” Until you let your body release itself of any inflammatory foods you can truly recover then slowly reintroduce to determine what sensitivities you have.

In addition, a recent issue of Pediatrics, reviewed the connection between inflammation and neurologic disorders. It stated, “This study suggests that the variability of neurologic disorders that occur in celiac disease is broader than previously reported and includes softer and more common neurologic disorders including chronic headache, developmental delay, hypotonia and learning disorders or ADHD.” Without the understanding of what is actually causing the issue, we are just going to continue with the same ole “throw medication at it” practices.
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The Man Behind the Program:

Meet Thomas DeLauer

I’m going to let him tell you who he is in he owns words…

“I was hyper-focused on my business… a successful business at that, but I was afraid to step away or divert in any way towards anything else. As a result I was overweight. More than overweight, I was bona fide fat. But I didn’t really care because I thought that I was focused and kicking ass in what I was presently working on (one of the largest ancillary service providers within the healthcare industry). The only thing that getting healthy would do would shift time away from what mattered to me most (money and providing for my family).

The irony of the situation was that I grew up as an athlete. As a matter of fact, I was hyper-focused in that as well. An all-state rugby player and long distance runner, what’s funny is that at that point in my life, I was afraid to shift focus from my athletics in the fear that I would lose skill or conditioning. Do you see the pattern here?

As top performers we have a tendency to be one-track minded and it allows us to miss out on some of the best things in life. It wasn’t until my wife was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and my father diagnosed with cancer that things became clear. I had the hard-wiring to be awesome at both physical performance and business… In fact, they could compliment each other.

I became obsessed with honing in on exactly what made me an excellent business person. I investigated and researched until it all made sense. The same exact patterns that made me a great businessperson were the same patterns that made me a great athlete. So I jumped on in; I applied discipline and knowledge to my health and made some promises to myself (and of course some solid Goals and KPIs). In a rather short amount of time, I went from being 280lbs to 185lbs and on the covers of some of the largest health and fitness magazines in the world.

Now, I write for some of the largest fitness publications in the world as an expert in diet, nutrition, and mindset.

The magazine covers were great; they were a great ‘reward’ for my hard work, but what was even more rewarding was the fact that my new ability to see optimization in all realms of my life allowed me to close to double my yearly revenue and ultimately give me the confidence and the energy to sell a portion of my company to one of the largest private equity groups in the world. I had done the “impossible,” and not only succeeded on a business level, but got in amazing shape; and not just amazing shape butmagazine cover shape… Oh yeah, all of this while maintaining a healthy marriage, with a woman I have been with for 12 years.

The skills needed to optimize yourself are all within you, but they can only be tapped into with the right diet and the mental wherewithal.

I became a coach after I knew that I could provide what was needed to get the world’s best business people the results that they need to be a better spouse, feel better, perform better, and increase their bottom line. The best part, is so much of this can be done without dramatically changing your life, and seeing the optimization take place in my clients is sincerely the reason I continue to do this.

Nowadays, I live in Santa Barbara, CA with my wife, four dogs and three horses. We enjoy an active, outdoor life that allows us to optimize every aspect of our lives. Finally, I’m in a position where I can share my knowledge and my skills with those around me and help make great lives even better.”

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