Beachbody Coaching: Prosperity Begins With The Heart

Ever thought about building a business from home? Do you enjoy helping people? Does a life of fun, motivation and personal improvement sound like it could be just what you need? Then you need to read on and consider becoming a coach.
  • No inventory
  • No strings attached
  • No pyramid scheme or get rich quick scam
  • Signup fee can be waived (talk to me about how)
  • No requirements: It’s Your business – Your rules – Your choice of what you put in!

Prosperity Truly Begins With The Heart ❤️
Beachbody Coaching

Our team “Inspired Possibilities” would love to have you!

I created this team because every WOMAN ON THE PLANET deserves to feel good, be inspired, and imagine the possibilities to an incredible life in health, fitness, happiness and even business. So this means if you live in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom you’ll be able to sign up as a client of mine or as a coach on our team and be part of the inspirational chain! It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey you CAN be a coach. Truthfully, the BEST coaches are those ON their journey, even if it’s day 1. You can begin getting healthier or starting your own work at home business today!

Our Team Mission: “To empower and inspire women to make their health a priority by using a natural, holistic approach with the mindset of food is medicine, in an effort to live a life full of energy and happiness.”

Why Team Beachbody?!

This quick little video lets you “meet” our CEO, Carl Daikeler, as well as, see what Team Beachbody is all about as a whole.

Team Training for New Coaches!!

Would you like to chat about any of it to help you see if the opportunity is for you? If the answer is Yes, lets talk and if you join us, you will be enrolled in our team business training. Why Our Team?

  1. I’ve created self paced in depth training for all the coaches on our team!
  2. Learn it all from how to start, post, share, what to talk about, who to talk to, how to create your story, the 4 vital behaviors, hosting groups, tracking prospects, the products themselves, the do’s and don’ts and SO SO much more.
  3. Tracking tools to help you stay on pace day to day
  4. My groups are your groups. No need to feel overwhelmed. Let me do the heavy lifting until you feel ready.
  5. Access to our private coach group
  6. Me for one on one support to help you achieve your financial goals!

For a free consultation about working from home as a coach or joining a fitness group of mine, just fill out this form here or the form below.

I could have chosen many different company’s to work with, but I chose Beachbody because of their true mission of helping people put their health first. They simply can’t be outmatched with the value they offer, the research and development they do, and their deep desire to build a healthier world.

Sadly, about 1 in 4 in the US are considered obese, but as coaches we can help people change their life with a workout and nutrition plan that actually WORKS for a busy life AND any fitness level.

As a Coach You Have Available:

  • Shakeology: A whole foods, superfoods, nutrition based shake meant to fill the body with nutrition it doesn’t get from day to day food. No gluten, no soy, a milk free vegan line and nutrition that CAN NOT be matched!
  • Beachbody’s Performance Line: Get the most of of your workouts when you need it
  • Beachbody On Demand All Access: Literally hundreds of workout options to fit any fitness level, any desire daily, streamed anywhere internet is available
  • Challenge Packs for HUGE savings
  • Popular Fitness DVDs for those who can’t stream online programs
  • Gear / Accessories and INCREDIBLE support!

Misconceptions of Being a Beachbody Coach

There are MANY misconceptions on what a coach is and isn’t. So many get us confused with many other companies out there that are all about distributing products. That is NOT who we are!! I want to briefly review the top 5 misconceptions!

Beachbody Coaching

You are never required to sell a single product as a coach. Yes products are how we make an income but this isn’t about being a pushy salesman. It’s about providing value through the use of the products, sharing the RESULT of the products and the desire to help people transform their lives and reach their goals to get fit and/or healthy. The products are simply the tools to reach those goals – YOU are the inspiration, motivator, and partner to help them get there.
The best coaches are the ones on a journey themselves. This is how we connect with others and how the inspiration begins. Just like thru me you saw help and a way to get on a path to being healthier. I’m not perfect, I’m still on my journey, I’m not a fit rockstar by any means. I’m just a mom who found a healthier way of life while fighting a disease (hypothyroidism) and I share my story. It’s truly that simple. I didn’t have a following I just get to be me and connect with others who share similar interests.
Coaching is what you want it to be and the time you want to put in. Sure the more you put in the more you get out but it’s not all or nothing. It’s not a race to the finish – but enjoying the ride.
Who do you relate to more? A fitness model with the perfect body or a hot mess momma who’s kids are her life? Exactly. This isn’t about perfection. This is being on a journey yourself and sharing the pieces with others, relating and having fun.
A pyramid scheme is a setup where the person on top reaps all the benefits while everyone below them does the work and provides no value. No No No…lets see why this is NOT a pyramid scheme!

  1. You decide your own level of success so anyone under me as a coach can surpass me income or rank no question. Just because I’m considered an “upline” doesn’t mean I make more money by any means.
  2. There is huge value provided as a coach. I will always provide value no matter what to my challengers, my team etc – that’s the whole reason I’m a coach. I want to be here to help. Supporting people doesn’t fit in with a pyramid scheme.
  3. My growth as a coach, ALSO helps my team under me grow. That’s right my growth benefits YOU! Again, this doesn’t fall in line with a pyramid scheme.

It’s truly just about being on a journey of self improvement and sharing it with others. PS You would be SHOCKED at the personal accountability as a coach…to be the best coach for you I have to keep becoming a better me 🙂 and not in a personal pressure sort of way but rather an incentive “desire” sort of way.

Some Perks of Beachbody Coaching Are:

  • 25% off any personal orders
  • 25% commission on customer orders
  • Earn a weekly team bonus as you grow your business
  • The ability to earn monthly and yearly prizes including trips
  • Help others while helping yourself with your own health and fitness goals
  • The Beachbody brand is known for their high-quality standards all over the world
  • In depth training to help you with your financial goals as a coach
  • There is no penalty for canceling and many money-back guarantees are provided
  • You never have to have inventory on hand
  • You’ll receive a coaching website where family and friends can log in and order from you

Ready to chat?

Coach Application

Coach Application

You never need a reason to help others. The beauty of being a coach is not only are you still working on YOU and YOUR goals but you are helping others at the same time, You are inspiring yourself, keeping yourself and others accountable, and spreading the inspiration to others who need us!

Yes I know weird question lol. My messages often go to spam and many times when I try to find you on FB there are multiple names so this helps me narrow things down 🙂
Not all coaches are active or active at the same level. You are definitely allowed to choose your coach and should you not find the right fit with your current coach I would be honored to have you on my team!