80 Day Obsession

Interested in Getting Obsessed with me in 2018?

I am TOTALLY committed to this program in Jan and now I am looking for my FIRST group of moms to join me on this journey! This program is going to be AMAZING for all my hypothyroid mommas!!


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80 Day obsession was designed by super trainer Autumn Calabrese and is designed to burn fat and get lean WITH BOTH macro based timed nutrition and fitness. As your coach I WILL be right there doing it with you!

What is 80 Day Obsession?

This program is a step-by-step approach to building a strong central core! ie booty and core yet working the entire body. It’s obsessive focus on fitness and nutrition spread over 13 weeks. WHY CARE ABOUT YOUR CORE? It’s the central hub of your ENTIRE body. If something needs focus and work it’s your central core. It’s what holds you up, creates good posture, prevents injury, and allows you to create an overall healthy, stronger body.


Here are the BASIC DETAILS….

  • There are 3 phases of workouts over the course of 13 weeks.
  • The workouts range from 45-60 minutes, and as always, there is a modifier.
  • It utilizes a timed nutrition plan because well it’s science and it’s WORKS!
  • Shakeology, is incorporated to help fuel and replenish the body. (Energize and Recover optional)
  • Equipment required: dumbbells, strength bands, sliders.

80 Day Obsession Prelaunch Results

Is it extreme? OF COURSE!!! We can’t improve if it’s easy… BUT just like anything else in life anything worth having is HARD WORK! The workouts average 45 minutes 1 hour. And for the nutrition? You will be following a professionally calibrated macro-nutrition plan perfectly timed to produce amazing results at each phase of the program.

This program works your entire body but there are days specifically designed to work your butt, your legs, your core, arms and cardio. Each workout (for the entire 80 days) is different and we are doing the workouts in real time with Autumn.

80 Day Obsession Prelaunch Results

Each new workout will be posted for you to do along with the cast. Day by day, you’ll feel like you’re part of the action — following along as they progress through the program.

Autumn isn’t new to the fitness scene! Her best seller 21 Day fix  is our absolute hottest program, and she went on to create 21 Day Fix Extreme,  Hammer and Chiseland Country Heat, along with a cooking show with her brother who is a master chef. You can get access to ALL of these too when you join me!! SWEET -right!!


This is a BETA TEST GROUP which means you will be the FIRST to go through the program upon release AND you have the opportunity to win $500 for completing the program and submitting your results!
I am looking for women who are seriously committed, ready to make a change, and want to see BIG results! 

What Equipment Do You Need for 80 Day Obsession?

You will need:

  1. Access to the workouts
  2. Toning loops
  3. Sliders
  4. A few weights
  5. Shakeology
  6. Performance Line (Optional)
  7. And of COURSE ME! 🙂 as your guide to keep it hypothyroid friendly too!

Don’t worry everything (except the weights) WILL come in a nice little package and bundled for HUGE Savings! Message me on FB or fill out the form below for the deets!!

Look scary? Nervous? I promise you there is no need to be! We start where we start – modify and adjust as necessary….The point is: JUST STARTING!! DON’T let yet another year slip by!

Who is 80 Day Obsession For?

  • ANYONE READY to take on a healthy lifestyle while working with other women doing the same!

The good news? You still have time to get your mind right and your body ready because we begin this part in December. If you’re not already a member reach out to me so we can get you started.


PS: Ask me how to join me in an EXCLUSIVE test group WITH Autumn herself. What a way to have added motivation and accountability, right?!!! 

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80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession

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Not all coaches are active or active at the same level. You are definitely allowed to choose your coach. However, out of respect for your current coach, if you currently signed up with a Beachbody Coach please reach out to them to see how they can support you in your health & fitness journey
When 80 Day Obsession is released I will host an exclusive launch group where I walk you through the meal plan, the workouts and support you every step of the way.

Just a few of the results from the test launch!